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The Flint Hills Media Project experience

We tell the students from the beginning that the Flint Hills Media Project is not just a class. It’s an experience. Check out the stories below, to learn about the personal adventures, exploration and journeys of a few of the 2014 team members.


City boy; Kansas adventure

by Travis Gillespie

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been a big fan of Kansas.

I’ve always hated the vast expanse of flat, brown sameness I thought I saw out the car window. (MORE)



 Stories are everywhere, even where your car breaks down
 by Jake Trease

My group left Rosalia Ranch after lunch with one mission: coffee. We were tired from a long morning of interviewing and taking photos. We took off down the dirt road, toward civilization — or at least a caffeinated beverage. (MORE)



Class reveals true nature of ‘kids these days’
by Kevin Hager

Young people these days are lazy, self-centered and selfish. They fear hard work and feel entitled. They don’t like to meet new people or talk to strangers. They have no oral communication skills because their heads are buried in their phone textin’, Tweetin’, Snap Chattin’ and Instagramin’. (MORE)



 Green ocean: A Lima/Flint Hills encounter
 by Paulo Lazo

The answer stared right at me.

Originally from the chaotic metropolis of Lima, Peru, I found it difficult to process the quiet, unperturbed nature of the Flint Hills. (MORE)



Students appreciate taking the road less traveled
by Lane Kendall

We were lost.

In a concerted effort to chronicle our journey through the Butler county countryside this weekend, I found that a lot had happened. (MORE)