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A boutique that serves more than looks

Robin Forpahl considers her employees family — they’re her girls. (Photo by Katie Miller).

Robin Forpahl’s boutique is named after her for a reason.

She takes pride in knowing where her pieces are from, such as Australia, which materials are used in her jewelry, like recycled airplane parts, and which customer needs a little extra love.

Ask anyone who has met Forpahl and they will say she is a hearty force of good-natured extroversion.

“Sometimes this is a stopping place for people that need a hug,” Forpahl said. “They need to know that someone cares. That’s my mission as much as selling them a top.”

Forpahl got her start in retail in the 80s, working at a third-generation store in town.

She never envisioned owning a store, but her clients were relentless.

“That’s what’s wonderful about a small community. If they believe in you, you’re not just a number,” she said.

She gives back to the community that supports her by hosting a weekly event she calls “Thankful Thursdays.”

She provides customers with lunch, camaraderie, discounts and mimosas.

The layout of Robin’s never stays the same for too long. Forpahl wants to make sure her fashions and the store stay current with the industry. (Photo by Nicole Grimes)

“Before you guys came, there’s always three or four friends and neighbors sitting at the table eating lunch together,” Forpahl said.

“So, it’s actually kind of a gathering on Thankful Thursday, just as much as shopping. It’s one of our better days.”

She enjoys hosting events whenever possible to keep community involvement up. On Tuesdays she offers “the letter game,” which allows customers with a certain initial an extra discount.

“The people that get behind it really get behind it,” she said.

A name like Robin’s gets right to the point. If you don’t know who she is by the name on the building, then you will by the end of your shopping experience.

“We always want more. I have developed many, many long-term, strong relationships, and I would say that’s probably the one thing about our community — if you get involved in it, it’s just a lot of good, strong relationships.”

— by Nicole Grimes